Empowering students with disabilities to advocate for their individual learning and accessibility needs.

Alice in the courtyard sitting in her wheelchair next to her friend standing beside her

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Our Purpose

How I Learn empowers high-school age students with disability to share their unique learning and accessibility needs with their school. It supports students to develop their self-advocacy skills, setting them up for success at school and beyond.

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How we help students

How I Learn provides a platform to help students with a disability prepare for high school. Our resources empower students to advocate for their learning and accessibility needs, and ensure their voice is heard.

How we help students

Father with his arm around his daughters shoulder as they smile for a portait

How we help parents / caregivers

How I Learn helps parents and caregivers encourage their children to self-advocate. We offer resources and advice for giving children the time and space to make positive decisions and solve problems on their own.

How we help parents/caregivers 

Alice working at her desk with her EA and using a pen on her touch laptop

How we help educators

How I Learn helps educators support students to self-advocate. Our resources will help ensure a safe and secure classroom environment where students feel comfortable to practice self-advocacy.

How we help educators

How we help schools

How I Learn helps schools to prepare for students with a disability. Our resources help implement school-wide policy for supporting students, and provide tips for empowering students to self-advocate.

How we help schools

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