Empowering students with disabilities through self advocacy

How I Learn empowers high school-aged students with disability to advocate for their unique learning and accessibility needs to their school.

This website empowers students with disability to have their voice heard and play an active role in their learning journey, setting them up for success at school and beyond.

This website also includes resources for parents/caregivers, educators, and schools on how to best support students with disability at high school.

In the future, we would like to expand How I Learn to:

  • An Easy English version of the student questionnaire to cater for students with low literacy skills
  • An Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander version(s) of the student questionnaire
  • Additional questionnaires tailored to:
    • Primary education
    • Tertiary education
    • Workforce

How I Learn was funded by Non-Government Centre Support for Non-School Organisations, and created by VisAbility.

Alice in the courtyard sitting in her wheelchair next to her friend standing beside her

Alice and her friend at school