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How I Learn helps schools to prepare for students with a disability.

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How how i learn helps schools

Having a student with unique learning or accessibility needs attend your school can feel stressful. You may not have any experience of knowledge of their disability. You may feel pressure in having to think of all adjustments and supports that student is going to need. How I Learn will help relive this pressure.

Encourage your students to complete their How I Learn learning profile. The questions in the How I Learn learning profile were developed by speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists and experts in the education field, so you can be assured everything has been thought through. The profile is comprehensive and holistic. It is like having all these experts in the room with you. This takes the pressure off you trying to think of everything. How I Learn also encourages all parties, the student, the parent/caregiver, the educator and the school, to have open communication and work as a team. This takes the pressure off each individual thinking it is up to them to solve every problem.

How I Learn will help you make sure your school is following best practice when it comes to planning for students with disability and promoting a school culture of inclusion and self-advocacy. Following the suggested planning framework provided in the resources below will ensure you are student focused and collaborative during the planning process. The resources below also include information on how to develop a school culture that promotes inclusion and self-advocacy. The role of a school is to not only to provide education for today, but set students up for success tomorrow. Empowering students to become self-advocates is one of the most powerful lifelong skills schools can teach their students.

How I Learn will help alleviate the stress of having a student with disability attend your school, allowing you to focus on the amazing opportunity this brings. Having a student with disability attend your school has immense positive benefits for the individual students and staff and for your school culture as a whole.

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