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How I Learn provides a platform to help students with a disability prepare for high school.

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How how i learn helps students

Are you in year 6 preparing for starting high school? Maybe you’re already in high school and moving schools? Maybe you want some information and support about how to advocate for your learning and accessibility needs? The How I Learn resources and learning profile will help you achieve all these things.

It can sometimes feel scary going to up to a teacher and telling them you need extra help. Or it can sometimes take a couple of weeks or months for a teacher to learn how to teach you best, and you’ve missed out on potential learning for that time. By completing your How I Learn learning profile and giving it to your school before school starts, your teachers should already know how to teach you best from day one! This will help avoid any awkward or scary conversations with your teachers, and means you can start learning from day one just like your peers.

By completing your How I Learn learning profile, you should be as prepared as possible for high school. But, it is impossible to prepare for everything! It is possible a problem may arise. Or, you might face problems outside of school; your swimming teacher, your piano teacher, your boss at your casual job, for example. It is still very important you know how to solve problems when they arise. An important problem solving skill is self-advocacy – which means being able to stand up for yourself and assertively communicate your wants and needs to others. Self-advocacy is a lifelong skill, meaning you don’t just need it during high school but you need it for your whole life. The resources below will help you become a self-advocate.

Whilst high school can feel scary, it is also exciting. You are going to meet lots of new friends and learn lots of new things! How I Learn will help you be as prepared as possible for high school, leaving you more time and energy to focus on the fun stuff!

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