Planning for students with disability

Having an appropriate school wide policy on planning for students with disability in place may remove this pressure.

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Planning for a student with unique learning needs to attend your school can be overwhelming. Having an appropriate school-wide policy on planning for students with disability may remove this pressure. When developing/reviewing your policy, make sure it:

  • Adheres to legislative and departmental requirements for inclusive education planning;
  • Focuses on the student and the student’s voice;
  • Includes opportunities for review and feedback.

The below framework will help you make sure the student’s voice is being heard in this process.

Download the Planning for Students with Unique Learning and Accessibility Needs process guide

Download School Planning Process

Advice from parents and students

  1. Ensure learning and accessibility adjustments are clearly documented and communicated to all relevant staff.
  2. Ensure a process is in place for how information is handed over between departments and between years, so it’s not up to us to re-explain ourselves or re-apply for adjustments from every department, every year.
  3. Ensure a feedback/review system is in place.
  4. Be open to feedback and try to problem solve with us.
  5. Talk about a plan for how the school is going to support the student in developing their self-advocacy. What’s the process the student should follow if they have a concern or problem?

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